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2023 PR Tips

2023 PR Tips

1- Change the Game with Technology

AI is on your door now, ready to be added to your event calendars & your workflow. The technology is still pretty new, but brands are already taking advantage of AI’s endless possibilities. Professionals must use AI software to automate their most tedious tasks, proofread pitches, and monitor audience sentiment on their latest campaigns. 

Work with clients to bring exciting new tech to their marketing, too. Tons of brands are jumping to AI, especially with virtual reality and the metaverse taking up more and more space in the media landscape. AI is also built for speed, scale, and security to analyse vast data on consumer behaviour and generate predictive insights on the potential success of your advertising or communications.

2- Personalized Communications

It will be very impactful in the future. Not only are people more likely to pay attention to content that’s addressed to them and customized to their needs, but they are also more likely to engage with it and react favorably to it. 

3- Podcasting

Personal, conversational podcasts for real connections with the world opening up and people seeking more human interaction, it’s expected that podcasts that provide a genuine human connection with the host will become the clear favorites.

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