One-on-one strategic coaching with the CEO in order to help you reach your goals. Helping you get the best of each of your team members, developing sufficient leadership skills and an authoritative presence, creating an environment where a team can work at its most optimum level, deciding where your leadership energy should be focused, assessing strategic priorities and executing a plan of action.


The evidence-based methodologies ensure that the media coverage which CC Plus generates are meant to provide real and lasting value to our clients. Including but not limited to monitoring local/international newspapers, magazines, radio/TV broadcasts, newsletters and internet.

With around-the-clock regular and internally produced media reports, CC Plus has helped its diverse portfolio of clients make accurate decisions at the right time.


Positioning your brand correctly and increasing the positive perceptions of your offerings in the minds of consumers through the creation of unique, strong feelings is the single most important aspect that sets you apart from your competitors and enables you to set the path for long-term success.


We cooperate with clients in order to fully understand their business goals and creating a comprehensive communications plan accordingly including goals, strategies, tactics that serve the interests of the organization.


Making thought leaders from your company’s executives. Giving them the opportunities to build credibility for themselves and the company by allowing the chances to become recognized as an expert and leader in their field. Create a plan to enable thought leadership through promotional content and engagements in the community of your field.

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