Under the auspicious of the Ministry of Tourism & Egyptian Tourism Authority… Global Perspectives on Egypt’s National Economy at Narrative PR Summit 2023 - CC Plus

Under the auspicious of the Ministry of Tourism & Egyptian Tourism Authority… Global Perspectives on Egypt’s National Economy at Narrative PR Summit 2023

  • Mohamed Mansour: Egypt presents a wealth of promising growth prospects, with its tourism industry standing out as a particularly enticing investment opportunity.


Somabay, Red Sea – October 9, 2023 – Today, Mohamed Mansour, Chairman of Man Capital LLP, and Chairman of Mansour Group delivered an inspiring message of hope and ambition at the Narrative PR Summit 2023. Mansour emphasized that Egypt’s investment scene is experiencing remarkable growth and offering abundant opportunities, thanks to the country’s new strategic direction and its membership in the BRICS, which strengthens its regional influence. He elaborated: “The tourism industry holds great potential, with 15 million tourists visiting Egypt this year, and an annual increase of one million projected. The renewable energy sector, particularly solar energy, presents a lucrative investment opportunity, as highlighted at the COP27 Climate Change Conference. Additionally, Egypt’s strategic position and the significance of the Suez Canal in global trade make it a global trade hub.”

With the captivating theme “Egypt Forever Forward,” the prestigious event kicked off today at the breathtaking Somabay in the Red Sea, drawing prominent global leaders, insightful experts, and influential figures from around the world. The summit is proudly held under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the Egyptian Tourism Authority, and the Red Sea Governorate, and in partnership with the esteemed American Chamber of Commerce and UN Women.

In his keynote speech titled “Right to Dream,” Mr. Mansour, who serves as the Honorary Chair of the Board of the summit, mentioned: “I’m delighted to be part of this exceptional summit, highlighting Egyptians’ unwavering dedication to fostering development across various fields. In our cherished nation, a myriad of aspirations awaits, and it’s crucial that we dream big and have unceasing confidence in our abilities. Therefore, we launched the “Right to Dream” Academy in Egypt, inspiring young boys and girls in every village to pursue their passion for football. In just the first round, we received over 65,000 applications, signaling a promising future in nurturing talents like Mohamed Salah who can dream, achieve greatness, and take pride in their national identity.”

This year’s summit ventured into wider regional and international horizons, featuring distinguished speakers such as Sir Ben Elliot, renowned international businessman, expert in tourism and investment and Founder of Quintessentially, as well as Steven Shepperson-Smith, President-Elect of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and Senior Manager Corporate Communications – Africa at Vodafone UK.

During his compelling talk titled “Egypt- A business and Leisure Destination from a Global Lens,” Sir Ben Elliot steted: “I am truly honored to be here in Egypt with all of you at the Narrative PR summit, as I strongly believe that such initiatives contribute to nations’ development. The breathtaking nature of Egypt offers immense tourism potential, spanning adventure tourism, eco-tourism, and high net worth tourism, making it an enticing destination for both tourists and foreign investors. To capitalize on these opportunities, Egypt should prioritize forging partnerships, attracting major events, and providing innovative solutions in the transportation sector. I firmly believe that the private sector and entrepreneurs possess the necessary expertise to actively contribute to this crucial industry, and I am eager to lend my support in any way I can.”

Delving into the theme of “Enabling PR in Nation Branding,” Steven Shepperson-Smith elaborated: “Egypt’s recent inclusion in BRICS serves as a compelling testament to its remarkable soft power capabilities, underlining its capacity to foster collaboration and leverage its strengths across various domains. One specific area that holds great promise for advancement is the realm of Public Relations. Despite the robust and expanding PR sector, it is imperative to establish a dedicated national association for PR professionals. This pivotal step will nurture a dynamic, professionalized PR industry adept at leveraging the nation’s assets and addressing future challenges effectively.”

The Narrative PR Summit was initiated in 2016 with the goal of enhancing Egypt’s global reputation. By uniting influential figures and leaders from the realms of investment, business, tourism, and art, this initiative facilitates the exchange of inspiring experiences and cultivates a sense of national identity. Their collective efforts propel Egypt onto the global stage as a premier tourist destination, while concurrently fostering partnerships with diverse stakeholders, both domestically and internationally, to drive investment in the country’s burgeoning sectors.


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