New Egypt Gold participated in Nebu Expo to showcase its latest designs to localize gold industry in Egypt and boost exports. - CC Plus

New Egypt Gold participated in Nebu Expo to showcase its latest designs to localize gold industry in Egypt and boost exports.

Cairo – 10 December 2022: The second edition of the International Nebu Expo for Gold & Jewelry 2022 — which will be held from December 10 to 12 under the patronage of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi — has opened on Saturday, at Egypt International Exhibition Center in New Cairo, in attendance of Minister of Trade and Industry Ahmed Samir and Minister of Internal Trade and Supply Ali El Moselhy.


The expo brings together major brands in the gold and jewelry sectors, including New Egypt Gold, Egypt’s leading gold company, via a showcase of the most innovative global designs.


The participation of New Egypt Gold at the event is part of the company’s 87-year commitment to supporting and localizing Egypt’s gold sector and elevating Egypt to the ranks of developed countries in this field. Moreover, it intends to promote and boost the export process in the upcoming period.


The CEO of New Egypt Gold, Mohamed Nassar, expressed his pride in the company’s participation in the second edition of Nebu Expo, Egypt’s largest gold and jewelry exhibition.

“It enables us to become familiar with the most recent advancements in the worldwide gold business, as we always seek to encourage and support Egypt’s goal to become a global logistical hub for gold, as initiated by President El-Sisi,” Mohamed Nassar commented. “We are optimistic about the next phase, especially with the development of the City of Gold at the New Administrative Capital, which was developed using the most modern gold industrial and trade technologies, representing Egypt’s rich civilizational legacy in this delicate craft sector and maximizing the added value via this industry and to boost the gold exports.”


“We continually strive to combine the newest modern innovations in the business with the ancient Egyptian essence that distinguishes our products and designs,” Ahmed Nassar, Executive Vice President of the New Egypt Gold group, explained. “With a history spanning more than 87 years and employing over 1,550 staff and employees from the most competent cadres and technical abilities, we were able to compete and prosper on a local and global scale due to the high quality of our products in terms of materials and designs, and we earned the confidence of our clients all over the world.”


Tarek El Tarouty, Executive Director of New Egypt Gold Group: “We are eager to develop locally made Egyptian items of international quality that can compete in overseas markets, by utilizing cutting-edge technology and focusing on labor training to prepare technical cadres specialized in the gold industry.” Adding “The consistent participation at local and international events contributes to the creation of a competitive environment and the exchange of experiences that benefit the local market.”


“We intend to improve our brand and its visibility in local and global markets by participating in these major events, as well as to develop strong ties with our distributor and merchant partners in order to support local manufacturing,” says Dr. Ibrahim Hegazy, Professor of Marketing at the American University in Cairo and Marketing Consultant for New Egypt Gold Group. “Through participation, we seek to strengthen our business ties at home and abroad, as well as to promote the export of Egyptian jewelry to other markets, as it provides an opportunity to meet a big number of industry professionals”


The second international exhibition of gold and jewelry, Nebo, is being held under the auspices of the Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade, the Authority for Jewelry Stamping and Scales, the Federation of Egyptian Chambers of Commerce, and the General Division for Gold and Jewelry.


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