Cairo, Egypt – MARAKEZ, the leading award-winning mixed-use real estate developer, in collaboration with tech-driven home furnishing hub Efreshli, is thrilled to announce the upcoming furniture exhibition, “DISTRICT 5 HOME BY EFRESHLI”. This highly anticipated event is set to redefine the local furniture and design landscape, showcasing over 90 prominent Egyptian brands. The exhibition is being held at District 5, New Cairo, starting from June 6-14 2024, promising 9 days of innovative designs & customer-centric events.

“DISTRICT 5 HOME BY EFRESHLI” is set to be the home event of the season, showcasing local Egyptian brands with a focus on good taste and nature-inspired designs. The exhibition will serve as a platform for designers and brands to collaborate, addressing clients’ core needs to furnish their summer homes efficiently and gracefully. The theme of this edition centers around nature, highlighting the use of natural materials and authentic crafts and presenting a unique opportunity for homeowners to find everything they need to furnish their homes stylishly and sustainably.

Ashraf Maklad, MARAKEZ Chief Commercial Officer, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming event, stating, “We are proud to host ‘DISTRICT 5 HOME BY EFRESHLI’ at our vibrant community hub District 5. This exhibition is not just an event; it’s a manifestation of our dedicated efforts to promote local talents and elevate the retail experience in Egypt to new levels while exploring new horizons. At MARAKEZ, innovation is at the center of everything we do. With so many entrepreneurial opportunities, MARAKEZ is getting creative in spotlighting its community as an attractive place for innovators and a hub for different thinking. This exhibition also serves as a perfect prelude to the North Coast season, offering exclusive and exquisite designs that cater to all tastes.”

The upcoming exhibition embodies MARAKEZ’s commitment to innovation and community engagement, aligning seamlessly with its core values. This event is designed not just as a marketplace but as a celebration of local craftsmanship and entrepreneurship, providing a substantial platform for over 90 Egyptian brands to showcase & sell their products.

Furthermore, MARAKEZ is dedicated to enhancing the retail and shopping experience, making District 5 a hub of urban vitality and a unique shopping destination. The exhibition exemplifies this by offering a one-stop shopping experience that caters to consumers’ sophisticated needs while providing a variety of high-quality, eco-friendly, and locally produced items.

Extending her gratitude to MARAKEZ for their support, Heba El Gabaly, Founder and CEO of Efreshli added, “This partnership with MARAKEZ is a significant milestone for us. It aligns perfectly with our mission to elevate local design and craftsmanship. ‘DISTRICT 5 HOME BY EFRESHLI’ is a unique opportunity to bring our online concept on the ground providing entrepreneurs and creative minds with an opportunity to collaborate, come together, and showcase their unique and innovative approaches to furniture design.”

Over 9 days, through a unique, enjoyable experience, homeowners, designers, and local brand owners all get to collaborate creating perfectly furnished spaces with varying styles and budgets. An on-ground representation of Efreshli’s vision to bring beautiful homes to life in the easiest, most accessible way possible.

By hosting this furniture exhibition, MARAKEZ goes beyond traditional real estate development. The company is actively working towards creating a vibrant and engaging community space in District 5, fostering a sense of belonging and community engagement among residents and visitors alike. This event is a clear reflection of MARAKEZ’s ongoing efforts to become the heart and soul of the communities it serves, enhancing both the economic and cultural fabric of New Cairo.