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Love, Laughter, and Unexpected Twists in ‘Honeymoonish’ Official Trailer

Get ready for a romantic rollercoaster with the latest Kuwaiti romantic comedy, ‘Honeymoonish’ – Premiering Exclusively on Netflix, April 29!

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A match made… unexpectedly? Get ready for a whirlwind romance with unexpected twists and turns as Honeymoonish, Netflix’s upcoming Kuwaiti romantic comedy, featuring Noor (Nour AlGhandour) and Hamad (Mahmoud Boushahri) is premiering exclusively on April 29.

Honeymoonish follows the hilarious and heartwarming journey of two strangers who find themselves in urgent need of marriage, each with their own hidden motives. Noor (Nour AlGhandour), the adventurous spirit and Hamad (Mahmoud Boushahri), the savvy businessman are matched by friends Amal (Ascia) and Wael (Mahdi Barwiz) and despite each other’s unknown intentions, they hurriedly exchange vows and set off on an unconventional honeymoon.

As they embark on their romantic rollercoaster together, it becomes apparent that Hamad and Noor couldn’t be more different. From mismatched personalities to comically disastrous mishaps, it seems their quest for a smooth happily ever after is doomed from the start. Yet, amidst the chaos, something begins to blossom – could the impossible become possible, confirming the old age tale that opposites really do attract?

Produced by Eagle Films, penned by Eiad Saleh, and directed by Elie El Semaan along with a cast of Kuwaiti stars including Nour AlGhandour, Mahmoud Boushahri, Ascia and Mahdi Barwiz Honeymoonish is set to premiere exclusively on Netflix on April 29.


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