Lamia Kamel Shares Insights on Tourism Growth, Women Empowerment, and Amun Starr’s Musical Journey on iHeart Radio - CC Plus

Lamia Kamel Shares Insights on Tourism Growth, Women Empowerment, and Amun Starr’s Musical Journey on iHeart Radio

At the crossroads of ancient civilizations and modern allure, Egypt stands tall as a captivating and thriving tourist destination, drawing in travelers from all corners of the globe. In a distinguished radio interview on the famous American radio station, Voice of New York – iHeart Radio, Lamia Kamel, founder of the Narrative Summit and former Assistant Minister of Tourism and Antiquities for promotion, shed light on Egypt’s remarkable growth in the tourism sector, particularly with an influx of visitors from the United States.

Here, we explore the factors that have propelled Egypt to become one of the most sought-after tourist hotspots, forging a strong cultural connection between the two great nations.

A Cultural Tapestry of Respect and Integration

“It is natural to see this huge cultural integration between two great countries. I see the respect that the United States has for Egypt and its ancient history. In addition to the progressive, contemporary image of modern Egypt that we are working to present to the world as a young, modern destination that welcomes people from all over the world,”

explained Lamia Kamel during the interview.

The United States, renowned for its appreciation of creativity and diversity, finds a harmonious cultural fit in Egypt. The nation embraces its historical legacy while simultaneously projecting itself as a contemporary and inclusive country, open to visitors from diverse backgrounds. Egypt’s ability to seamlessly blend its ancient wonders with a modern and vibrant atmosphere contributes to its allure for American travelers seeking both enrichment and adventure.

Lamia Kamel’s Journey and Contributions

Lamia Kamel’s impactful role in the Ministry of Tourism as an Assistant to the Minister for promotion from 2021 to 2022 serves as a pivotal milestone in her illustrious career. Leveraging her experience in the private sector and the Narrative Summit, she spearheaded the implementation of a comprehensive tourism promotion plan for Egypt. During this period, Egypt hosted numerous significant events that captivated the world’s attention and showcased the country’s grandeur.

“After 17 years working in the field of public relations, the launch of ‘Narrative Summit’ in 2016 marked a fundamental shift for me. It served as the first international conference for ‘Nation Branding’ in Egypt, and we have successfully organized seven editions of the summit, including two digital ones during the Covid period. Throughout these years, we were honored by the presence and participation of esteemed ministers, senior government officials, and foreign guests, who presented Egypt not only as a historical and civilized destination but also as a cultural and civilized site. In 2023, ‘Narrative Summit’ prepares to return once again, poised to shed light on the remarkable tourism development in Egypt,”

Kamel expressed.

Empowering Women in Egypt

Lamia Kamel also addressed the challenges of working as a woman in the Middle East, emphasizing the positive momentum and support for women in Egypt. The country’s political leadership actively encourages and empowers women, working towards gender equality and ensuring that women have full rights and opportunities across all fields.

“We now witness a significant representation of women in various sectors, including politics, media, cinema, creative fields, business, banking, companies, and financial markets. Egypt is fostering an environment where women thrive and contribute to the nation’s progress,” Kamel stated.

Amun Starr: A Musical Journey Through Ancient Egypt

During the radio interview, Lamia Kamel had the pleasure of being acquainted with Amun Starr, an American singer, artist, and influencer who possesses a deep affection for Egypt and its ancient civilization. Amun Starr shared her profound connection to the roots of humanity, with ancient Egypt representing a beacon of fascination amidst America’s modernity.

Amun Starr’s collaboration with Flair magazine presents an extraordinary opportunity to celebrate the magnificence of Egypt. The project aims to hold a grand artistic event in June, where Amun will enchant audiences through her melodious voice amid the backdrop of Egypt’s archaeological treasures. This unique fusion of music, history, and civilization will undoubtedly captivate the hearts and minds of audiences around the world.

Flair Magazine: An Oasis of Luxury and Cultural Enrichment

Flair magazine, recently recognized as one of the 50 Best Luxury Media in the World for 2023 by the Luxury Lifestyle Awards, played a crucial role in initiating the collaboration between Amun Starr and Lamia Kamel. The magazine’s team was deeply impressed by Amun’s profound love for Egypt, its civilization, history, and people. Together, they embarked on preparing an awe-inspiring artistic event set to take place in a prestigious museum in Cairo.

Embracing the Antiquities and Civilization

Amun Starr’s remarkable musical endeavors have set her apart as one of the first international singers to film songs within the awe-inspiring archaeological sites of the Pyramids of Giza, the Temple of Nefertiti, and Saqqara. Her renowned album, “Origins,” pays homage to Egypt’s rich cultural heritage and has garnered widespread acclaim.

Egypt’s significance as the backdrop for Amun Starr’s artistry further enhances the country’s prominence on the global stage. The concert, set against the backdrop of ancient antiquities, weaves together the harmonious tapestry of Egypt’s past and present, offering a truly enchanting experience.

Unveiling Egypt’s Splendor to the World

Egypt’s emergence as a flourishing tourist destination reflects its unwavering commitment to promoting its cultural heritage, modern offerings, and warm hospitality to the world. Through the collaborative efforts of individuals like Lamia Kamel, Amun Starr, and publications like Flair magazine, Egypt continues to capture the imaginations of travelers, inviting them to embark on an unforgettable journey through time and immerse themselves in the wonders of a civilization that has left an indelible mark on human history.

As Egypt looks ahead to the future, it stands as a testament to the enduring power of cultural exchange and the ability to forge deep connections across borders. With each passing day, Egypt’s allure grows stronger, beckoning curious souls from every corner of the globe to explore its treasures, revel in its modern vibrancy, and bask in the profound beauty of a land where ancient wonders meet contemporary marvels.

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