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Metito: International acclaim for Desalination Initiatives to Advance Water Security

Top desalination plant suppliers announced in a global annual survey.

Desalination plays a crucial role in addressing water scarcity, especially in regions where freshwater resources are limited or where traditional water sources are becoming increasingly stressed. Metito, the leading global provider of intelligent water solutions, has been recognized for its key role in closing the growing gap between water supply and demand through its extensive desalination projects. Metito, for the second consecutive year, has emerged as the world’s top desalination plant supplier by capacity by Global Water Intelligence (GWI) as published in the annual survey conducted for the GWI DesalData and the International Desalination Association plant inventory.


The recognition highlights Metito’s unwavering dedication to redefining the water infrastructure outlook and securing a lifeline for sustainable development, with cutting-edge solutions that align with the UN sustainability goals.


Commenting on the recognition, Talal Ghandour, Co-CEO of Metito, stated, “Addressing water security is a key mission for Metito and we are committed to enable more climate resistant and sustainable water projects to help close the gap between supply and demand of water. Desalination provides a supplementary and alternative source of water, reducing dependence on traditional freshwater sources and this diversification helps ensure a more reliable and resilient water supply, particularly in arid and water-stressed regions. This recognition reflects the hard work and innovations we bring to the industry to scale up innovative water supply solutions – especially desalination facilities- to create a lasting, positive impact on the communities we serve.”


Metito remains steadfast in its vision to advance the boundaries of innovation in the water sector and contribute to a sustainable future for all. This year in COP28 Metito will be hosting a session titled “Making Water Mobile in Times of Crisis: Dispatchable Desalination Barges” to continue highlighting new solutions for existing water challenges.


About Metito

Impact. Sustainability. Innovation. Through its founding principles, Metito established itself as a global leader, investor and operator of water, and wastewater assets, with a clear market-oriented approach, formidable financial foundation, and a sound and experienced management that uniquely defines its industry proposition. Metito operates 4 key business segments: Design & Build, Utilities, Operation & Maintenance, Chemical Solutions.


Metito is a pan-emerging market player operating across the entire water treatment value chain specializing in desalination, wastewater treatment, water reuse, and industrial solutions with a strong portfolio of projects across its key geographies.


Metito is at the forefront of the water and wastewater industry, backed by 65 years of history, 4500 employees, experience in over 50 countries and over 20 offices globally.


Metito is a key enabler of the circular economy with a strong commitment to working with governments, industries, and communities to secure and manage their water needs.  Given its high-value engineering capabilities, the company provides customized and sustainable infrastructure solutions and prides itself on having delivered tens of millions of cubic meters of treated water to its Municipal and Industrial clients.


Metito is a pioneer in the water industry. The company was the first to introduce the reverse osmosis technology for desalination outside the USA in 1972 and has been innovating ever since and paving the way for the first Public-Private Partnership agreements to deliver water and wastewater solutions to several countries including, Saudi Arabia, Uzbekistan, The United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Rwanda, Serbia, and Qatar.

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