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Ericsson catches visitors’ attention at GITEX Global 2023 with its immersive sports demo

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) has caught the attention of visitors at GITEX Global 2023 at Hall 21 with its unique demonstration that highlights the advantages and benefits of Network Slicing on a 5G network for communication service providers (CSPs) and consumers.



The demonstrated solution emphasizes the potential of immersive fan engagement for sports clubs, particularly in football, and the business opportunities it presents through Network Slicing and application programming interfaces (APIs) Exposure on a 5G network.

Combining the capabilities of 5G Standalone (SA), Network Slicing, and API Exposure technologies, CSPs can deliver new and immersive experiences to sports fans to capture new revenue streams. At GITEX, Ericsson has demonstrated how a Sports Fan App, showcasing the features these technologies provide, can offer gamification features, user-controlled cameras, replays, and tiered subscription levels for enhanced personalized experiences and in-stadium purchases.

Sports clubs now have the opportunity to explore a wide range of models for direct engagement with fans through collaboration with technology and connectivity partners. As well as ideas to increase engagement in grounds and stadiums themselves, there is big potential for revenue generation across the whole fan base; Ericsson’s goal in this fast-evolving area is to deliver the best experience wherever, whenever. Network Slicing, 5G SA, and API Exposure are key enablers for CSPs to deliver this experience, opening sizeable new ‘add-on’ subscription revenues based on fan base size, not stadium size.

To further highlight the benefits of Network Slicing and the opportunities to enhance customer experiences, Ericsson also showcased a demonstration for ‘eXtended Reality Education 5G Experience’.

In addition to the Networking Slicing demonstrations, a ‘Sustainability Globe’ demonstration of a moving animation of the earth demonstrated how connectivity is critical for a more inclusive and more sustainable world, underscoring Ericsson’s commitment to connectivity for a sustainable future.

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