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ABB is first in world to deliver IE5 ultra-premium motor efficiency in explosive environments

  • 40% lower energy losses in the most challenging of spaces: hazardous areas.
  • Cooler-running motor ensures a cost-efficient and competitive solution for increased reliability, lower maintenance needs and a longer life.

The explosive environments can now gain 40% energy savings by integrating the world’s first IE5 SynRM Increased Safety motor as compared to the old commonly used IE3 versions, leveraging ABB brand-new technology.

Earlier this year, the Central Agency for Public Mobilization and Statistics (CAMPAS) has reported that almost 6,000 individuals suffered from work-related injuries in H1 2022; including hazardous atmospheres, where explosive gas, vapor or dust might be present, in which operators are required to expand highly safe and accurate energy control motors that come within the new IE5 SynRM series.

Ahmed Hassan, Head of Motion Business Area at ABB Egypt, North & Central Africa, said: “It is vital for industries to recognize energy efficiency strategies as the first step to curtailing negative impacts on the environment. Electric motors consume 70% of electricity consumed in the industry, hence comes the urgent need for us to support a highly safe ultra-premium energy efficient motor that adheres to the Egyptian law for occupational safety in explosive environments.”

As per CAMPAS report, an astounding 53% of work injuries happened in the transformative industries, with 7.7% in the water and electricity sectors. Such injuries can be caused by excessive heat exposure, which may even worsen as Egypt’s temperature forecast is projected to exceed the global average by 2100. Thus, industries have been looking to cooler designs like that of the new product, that can help increase reliability, prolong the motor’s lifetime, and reduce maintenance needs.

In Egypt, the recognition of green energy’s mitigation program supports the efforts of sustainable manufacturing that brings little or no harm to the environment and labor conditions, thereby making it central to the agenda of a holistic economic development.

As a result of the adequately resourced energy savings measures being implemented, efficient motors may be able to lower pollutants. Besides comprehensive safety policy plans, these initiatives mobilize to step up better environmental responsibilities in support of developing and emerging economies for the nation as a whole.


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